AC Repair

AC Repair

Repair of Air Conditioners

Modern climatic systems are reliable equipment that can last 5-15 years. The service life depends on the type and manufacturer of the equipment. Unfortunately, equipment often fails ahead of time. The reasons are very different: untimely cleaning of filters, lack of refrigerant, voltage drops, wear and tear.

Repair of air conditioners from Heating and Cooling Repair Hartford, in the vast majority of cases brings the equipment back to life. Thanks to the thoughtful design and the professionalism of our team, most problems are solved by replacing one or more damaged parts.

What are the types of problems with the operation of the air conditioner?

Climate technology is a complex system consisting of many elements. Every node can fail. Most often, malfunctions manifest themselves in this way:

The technique slightly cools.  First of all, the master checks the condition of the filters, radiator, impeller and evaporator. Usually cleaning returns the equipment’s ability to cool the air. If the reason is not in the contamination of the system, you need to fill with freon.

Spontaneous shutdown. Sometimes occurs immediately after turning on. It is necessary to check the control board, indoor fan, starting condenser and temperature sensors. If the split system turns off after 10–20 minutes, the reason may be the violation of drainage, overheating of the compressor, clogging of the filter drier or the outdoor unit.

Bad smell. Indicates bacteria in the evaporator. In this case, the repair of air conditioners is not needed, disinfection is enough.

Noisy work. Most often associated with wear of the compressor bearings.

The technique does not turn on. Possible reasons: case breakdown, breakdown of starting condenser, compressor or control board malfunction.

Freezing of the outdoor unit valve. It occurs when there is a lack of freon in the system.

Even if the breakdown seems not serious at first glance, you should not delay calling the master. Moreover, we carry out repair of air conditioners at home at any time convenient for the client. If A minor malfunction is ignored, that can lead to serious problems. For example, a freon leak negatively affects the state of the entire system.

A short list of services for the repair of air conditioners

First of all, the master diagnoses the equipment. Different breakdowns can have the same symptoms. Only after this the list of necessary activities is determined. Repair of air conditioners may include the following work:

  • Cleaning of external surfaces, outlet louvers, filters, grilles, heat exchangers, impeller, refrigerant circuit.
  • Elimination of freon leakage.
  • Fueling and refueling the air conditioner.
  • Disinfection using professional antibacterial agents.
  • Defrosting the outdoor unit.
  • Repair (soldering) or replacement of separate nodes.

Many breakdowns are solved by installing new parts instead of worn out or damaged ones. Replacement of such components is possible:

  • compressor;
  • the electronic unit;
  • filter drier;
  • condenser;
  • drain pump or the whole system;
  • fans or their motors;
  • control board;
  • low temperature kits;
  • relay;
  • sensors;
  • magnetic switch;
  • fuse;
  • capillary tube;
  • four-way valve;
  • service valve;
  • terminal and interblock connections

It is not often necessary to replace several parts. The master determines the expediency of repair after diagnostics, taking into account how much the new unit costs. For example, it makes sense to change a compressor when it comes to relatively new and premium equipment (buying a spare part is not cheap).

Do not wait for air conditioning repair services to be required. Our service center also carries out preventive work: analysis, cleaning, disinfection, checking the tightness of the freon line, refueling with refrigerant with a leakage of less than 15%. Timely maintenance prolongs the service life of the equipment, helps to avoid sudden breakdowns, and improves the efficiency of the equipment. And in the future, regular diagnostics and prophylaxis cost the owner much cheaper than urgent repairs.