AC Services

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AC Install

Competent installation of the air conditioner is a guarantee of the successful operation of climatic technology. Our company guarantees you a high-quality installation of air conditioners.

ac maintenance Heating and Cooling Repair Hartford

AC Maintenance

The maintenance of air conditioners is a guarantee of long and flawless operation of equipment. We provide comprehensive maintenance of air conditioning systems in any premises.

ac repair Heating and Cooling Repair Hartford

AC Repair

Whatever the cause of the malfunction of air conditioner, it needs to be repaired. Thanks to accurate diagnostics, the work will be carried out quickly and efficiently by our professional team.

ductless Heating and Cooling Repair Hartford

Ductless Heating & AC Services

Our company provides full control of your climatic equipment. Cooperation with us is a profitable saving of your money and always working climatic equipment.

Our offer

We carry out the whole range of cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners of any type. The drainage is clogged, freon has disappeared, the air conditioner has stopped cooling, the indoor unit is flowing – it’s all for us. Our specialists will promptly detect and fix the problem. If you order service in a timely manner, then you will not even face the above problems!

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What is included in the maintenance of the air conditioner?

  • checking the compliance of the mode settings with the operational parameters
  • cleaning and replacing air filters
  • cleaning of heat exchangers of outdoor and indoor units
  • refueling with refrigerant
  • checking the operation of automatic systems and setting the air conditioner for operation in automatic mode
  • check of electronic control boards and fan performance
  • checking the functionality of the drainage system
  • checking the air conditioner in operating mode, etc.