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Cleaning and comprehensive ventilation services

Cleaning ventilation systems is a complex and time-consuming process that has many nuances. During operation, the ventilation ducts inevitably become polluted, since the air contains a large amount of dust, and debris, including construction, foreign objects, as well as the nests of birds and insects, can get into the ducts. Because of this, the channel narrows and cannot provide normal air exchange in the room, which leads to stagnation of air, unpleasant odors, the spread of allergens, excess moisture, which contributes to the formation of condensation on windows and walls, and the appearance of mold. Of course, each ventilation system is individual and requires a qualified and professional approach.



Our specialists will carry out a comprehensive diagnostic of the ventilation system, after which they will draw up a schedule and work plan for repairs or maintenance, including services: cleaning ventilation, replacing filters, commissioning ventilation systems and other work.

Cleaning ventilation in a multi-apartment building

Cleaning the ventilation in an apartment located in a multi-apartment building is a difficult, labor-intensive task. The purpose of this procedure is one – to ensure a balanced air exchange in the premises. The problem can be located not only directly in the ventilation duct, access to the apartments of residents is often necessary, who do not always understand for what and why they need it.

Our experts are trying to convey to everyone that ventilation cleaning in apartment buildings is necessary in order to make life in the house safe. After all, if there is a leak of natural gas or an accumulation of carbon monoxide, with a clogged or inoperative ventilation, this hellish cocktail will hang as a dead weight in the room and will not be able to safely be disposed in the atmosphere using a ventilation duct.

Cleaning of ventilation ducts is carried out from the apartment, but it is not uncommon for a specialist to climb to the roof of a building to inspect the tops of ventilation ducts and assess their condition and determine the best method and work plan.

Cleaning of ventilation in a restaurant, cafe, bar

Cleaning ventilation in a cafe involves an integrated approach, when a specialist maintains all nodes, connections, sensors, checks the reliability of connections, replaces filters, etc. … It is recommended to maintain ventilation systems in a planned and regulated manner to avoid breakdowns and expensive equipment repairs. Air handling units are usually serviced once a quarter. After diagnosing and examining the features of your equipment, the load on it and the conditions in which it operates, the specialist will offer you a maintenance schedule.

Cleaning the ventilation ducts from dirt and dust begins with their inspection and choosing the most suitable method of cleaning. If there are no inspection hatches, it may be necessary to insert them, and sometimes it is necessary to disassemble a part of the duct. In any case, the master will select the optimal solution that will allow to do the work most efficiently.

How the ventilation cleaning works

Ventilation cleaning is carried out by specialists who have experience, knowledge and have received special trainings. We use modern equipment in our work. We clean ventilation ducts using a mechanized rotor device with rotating brushes of different diameters and hardness.

 It also happens that the traditional cleaning of the ventilation duct is not able to cope with the task, since the duct is partially or completely clogged with construction waste, concrete or other materials and ventilation is already required to be pierced. The specialist determines the method of work and its terms, after discussing all the nuances with the client, he starts work, observing all the standards and safety requirements.