Duct & Vent Services


Clean Ducts & Vents

Ventilation cleaning is carried out by specialists who have experience, knowledge and have received special trainings. We use modern equipment in our work.

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Install Ducts & Vents

For the installation of ducts and vents we use the most modern equipment with optimal characteristics and with a precisely selected set of all necessary components .

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Repair Ducts & Vents

Our company has extensive experience in the repair of ducts and vents. We carry out repairs of the equipment both at the customer's place and in our own workshops.

Our offer

Our team of professionals provides a full range of services in the field of air conditioning, ventilation, heating. From the creation of an energy efficient project to the maintenance and repair of equipment.

Every year our staff grows professionally and improves in order to provide the highest quality services for our clients and partners. We are ready to provide an operational solution to problems related to climates in multi-storey buildings, factories, offices and private cottages.

We cooperate with all well-known manufacturers of climatic technology. All work is provided with a guarantee.

Duct & Vent Services
Duct & Vent Services

Stages of ducts and vents installation work

  • Layout and preparation of holes, laying of air ducts and highways;
  • Holes are made in the air ducts for decorative ventilation grilles and diffusers;
  • Assembly, sealing, insulation, installation of air ducts and fittings. The permissible length of the assembled structure is 6m.
  • Installation of exhaust fans, supply units in predetermined places. For supply units, a filtration system is assembled, noise mufflers, fire dampers and flexible inserts are installed;
  • Supply and exhaust devices are mounted on brackets using fasteners;
  • Connection of ventilation elements to the air duct system;
  • Installation of decorative grilles and diffusers;
  • Assembly of the ventilation control panel – automatic machines and wires, sockets;
  • Installation of automation;
  • Launching, testing and checkout.