Heating Maintenance

Heating Maintenance

Heating Maintenance

Uninterrupted operation of heating requires vigilant monitoring of the state of the system. In addition to unconditional measures for general maintenance, urgent actions may also be required, and in order to plan the next repair season, you need to have a complete understanding of the condition of all units, without exception.

Periodic inspection is an invariable part of the complex for servicing the equipment of the generating (boiler room) and distribution (collectors, pipelines, radiators) parts of the heating system. The priority is given to the distribution part as the most voluminous and not serviced during operation. In addition, in case of malfunctioning valves, connections, fittings and heating devices, normal adjustment of the boiler equipment will be extremely difficult.

Heating Maintenance

Heat supply is one of the vital systems of the building and requires regular maintenance and highly qualified staff. Not only correct calculation and installation are important, but also the maintenance, and periodic “healing” activities. Regular inspection of equipment, replacement of worn-out elements and repair of damaged parts will help to maintain the efficiency of the entire complex and avoid downtime of the heating system in the winter, when it is especially needed.

The company offers to use the services of specialists with experience of 5+ years for the maintenance and repair of the heating system. We have masters with engineering education on our staff. They will perform scheduled service or urgent repairs and provide a warranty. If necessary, our employees will independently buy at a favorable price and replace the failed parts: you do not have to waste time on a trip to the store.

For all customers, the employees of Heating and Cooling Repair Hartford form a separate schedule at the facilities, based on the configuration, category and wear and tear of customers’ equipment. Along with this, our emergency service is available to customers 24/7.

What types of heating installations do we maintenance?

We maintenance any types of thermal power plants, including heat supply systems operating on gas, liquid fuel.

What are the main activities to maintain the correct operation of heat supply systems?

  • Monitoring of thermal regimes of the heat supply system;
  • Control of energy consumption in accordance with established standards and planned figures;
  • Maintaining the necessary documentation;
  • Regular maintenance and repair of heating installations, namely;

Technical maintenance:

1) regular supervisory control of compliance with the operating parameters of the heating system during the technical operation of the building;

2) control and measuring of the heating system related to the technical operation of the building;

3) adjustment of the hydraulic automation of the heating system;

4) regular inspection of pipelines during the technical operation of the building heating system, removal of contaminants, repair of faulty valves and locking devices.

Currant maintenance:

1) replacement of faulty pipe sections during maintenance of the building heating system;

2) repair or replacement of heat exchangers, valves, radiators;

3) replacement or repair of faulty pumps;

4) hydrodynamic flushing of the heating system, risers, radiators;

5) adjustment and commissioning of the central heating system.

What guarantees do our clients receive when concluding a contract?

Our agreement provides for the responsibility of for the uninterrupted operation of heat supply systems after the facility is accepted for service.

We are 100% responsible for the quality of the performed work  and are ready to carry out the work until a positive result is achieved.

Why is cooperation with our company profitable?

Our reputation and experience of long-term management of large projects speak for themselves.

We are proud of the high qualifications of our employees and we can handle any task!

Our company provides services for the installation and maintenance of heating systems. A specialist will check the functionality of your system and draw up a list of work to eliminate defects.

  • By entrusting service to qualified professionals, you can be sure that all defects will be found and eliminated.
  • At the end of the work, we carry out commissioning to make sure that the characteristics are consistent.
  • Maintenance and repair of the heating system is carried out at a convenient time for the client.
  • An urgent visit of a specialist is possible.
  • Turning to the specialists of our company, know that your heating system is reliable and ready for operation.