HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems is necessary! Effective air exchange in civil and industrial premises means complete replacement of exhaust air with fresh air. The ventilation system consists of special equipment that provides air access and exhaust, its filtration, and temperature control. In order for this system to perform its full functions, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

HVAC Maintenance

The need for maintenance of HVAC system

Continuous monitoring and scheduled checks of the condition of HVAC system are necessary for the timely detection of technical problems and adjustments to their functioning. As a complex system of ventilation ducts of an industrial building, also a household air conditioner must be regularly and efficiently serviced. This is an essential prerequisite for the operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Reasons for reduced quality of ventilation operation

The efficiency of the ventilation system can be reduced for several reasons:

  • clogging of one or more sections of the ventilation duct;
  • malfunction of equipment or one of the elements;
  • clogged filters or other components of the system.

Signs that there is a need for maintenance of the ventilation system are condensation on the walls or mirrors, stagnant air in living rooms, and the spread of odors from the kitchen throughout the house. This suggests that the supply of fresh air is insufficient. And the hood does not work efficiently. To check this, it is enough to bring a strip of paper to the ventilation grill. The intensity of its fluctuations will tell about the efficiency of the ventilation system.

To reduce the likelihood of damage to the supply, exhaust equipment or air conditioner, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance.

Maintenance types for HVAC system

The frequency of HVAC maintenance work should be established depending on several factors:

  • type of system;
  • its power;
  • type of equipment;
  • length;
  • system performance;
  • the purpose of the premises.

Accordingly, the maintenance of ventilation systems for a private house and an apartment in a multi-storey building will differ.

There are the following types of HVAC maintenance work:

  • scheduled preventive examinations;
  • repair and diagnostics of equipment inside the system;
  • service in the emergency situation.

The operation of the HVAC system must be constantly regulated and monitored. The specialists of our company have a high experience in the maintenance and repair of HVAC systems.

Regulations for the maintenance of HVAC systems

There is a standard procedure for maintenance work and the frequency of their implementation for each individual unit:

  • fan;
  • air heater;
  • filter elements;
  • flaps;
  • controllers;
  • electrical modules.

After the approval of the maintenance regulations for the system and the signing of a contract, our specialists will begin work.

List of services for the maintenance of HVAC systems

The list of works consists of activities that must be carried out at different intervals. Among them there are works that need to be done daily.

Maintenance of ventilation systems at the end of the working day

  1. External examination of the system and equipment.
  2. Taking readings of the parameters of the supply air masses on the inflow devices, entering these data into the accounting log.
  3. Checking the system for leaks, damage and contamination.
  4. Checking the strength of equipment fasteners.
  5. Coolant temperature control.
  6. Coolant pressure control.
  7. Checking the electrical connection.
  8. Checking the drainage system, cleaning it.

Weekly inspection

The check, carried out once a week, in addition to daily activities, is supplemented by the following set of works:

  1. Checking the tension of the belt drives.
  2. Checking the direction of rotation and performance of the fans.
  3. Inspect filters for contamination.
  4. The deficiencies identified during the inspection are eliminated, all the activities carried out are recorded in the log.

In addition, the maintenance of the ventilation system, according to the regulations, should be carried out: monthly, once every 3 months, once every 6 months.

Monthly maintenance

  1. Cleaning of diffusers, air distribution grilles.
  2. Cleaning of surfaces, internal chambers of the installation.
  3. Checking the condition of the bearings, their lubrication, broaching the attachment points.
  4. Cleaning of motorized air valve mechanisms.
  5. Replacement of seals.
  6. Cleaning of internal block filters.

Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning, performed once every 3 months

  1. Visual inspection of all mountings, bending elements, motor insulation.
  2. Checking the system (including bearings) for abnormal sounds during operation, as well as overheating above +70 ° C.
  3. Inspection of the condition of the belts, their location, tension force.
  4. External examination of electrical wiring, wire connections.
  5. Visual inspection of the heaters of the ventilation system: detection of breakdowns, evacuation of air from the circuit.
  6. Checking air filters.
  7. External inspection of dampers, their repair, cleaning from dust.
  8. Checking electrical mechanisms for wear, condition of connections.
  9. Checking controllers.
  10. Inspection of hydrostats, thermostats, sensors: removal of dirt, repair or replacement.
  11. During seasonal maintenance, supply and exhaust systems and central air conditioners are serviced once every six months.