HVAC Repair

HVAC Repair

HVAC Repair

Over time, any equipment or materials will wear out and need to be repaired. Ventilation and air conditioning is no exception. In order to avoid serious consequences, it is extremely important to perform an inspection as soon as the first signs of abnormal operation of the equipment appear.

Repair of ventilation systems should be carried out in advance, as this can significantly save not only time, but also money. Nevertheless, regardless of the complexity of the work, it is necessary to contact the professionals in advance so as not to aggravate the situation that has arisen.

The company Heating and Cooling Repair Hartford has been providing services for the repair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for more than 10 years. We cooperate with leading manufacturers and use only original high-quality materials.

HVAC Repair

The main reasons for the breakdown of ventilation systems:

Bad-quality installation. If mistakes are made during the installation of ventilation equipment, it will not function optimally.

Resource development. Repair may be required if the operating time is reached. Then there is either a complete replacement of equipment, or the change of individual parts.

Non-compliance with operating conditions. If the temperature regime and / or other rules for the safe operation of ventilation systems recommended by the manufacturer are violated, there is a risk that the equipment will fail even before the expiration of the warranty period. Before use, it is imperative to study the instructions for the technique and follow the rules specified in it.

Mechanical damage. If any mechanical damage occurs, it may be necessary to repair the ventilation systems.

Clogged filters. Over time, dirt accumulates on the filters, which leads to a decrease in ventilation efficiency, there is a loss of system performance. In this case, the equipment ceases to function normally.

When air conditioning repairs are needed:

  • Reduced cooling capacity of the system.
  • Outstanders during the operation of the equipment.
  • Periodically arising (“floating”) malfunctions of various kinds.
  • The air conditioning system does not turn on.

These are, perhaps, the main signs that indicate the need to help your equipment, and which are important to pay attention to. If you notice such signals, be sure to contact an air conditioning repair specialist for help.

Ventilation repair stages

Modern ventilation repair service includes:

Preventive work, maintenance – in accordance with the regulated norms and requirements of the equipment manufacturers, it is a mandatory procedure in which the optimal condition and operability of the systems in the nominal mode is maintained.

Current repair of ventilation systems – includes both warranty and post-warranty troubleshooting and malfunctions of equipment.

Several stages of repair, according to which any ventilation systems are serviced:

  • preliminary inspection;
  • diagnostics, analysis and assessment of the performance of units and parts, as well as the system as a whole;
  • repair work, replacement of units and aggregators, if necessary;
  • commissioning – re-testing of performance after repair / restoration.
  • Repair of ventilation systems can be performed with or without dismantling, regardless of the complexity of the breakdown. Sometimes a partial dismantling is enough to eliminate all malfunctions.

Heating and Cooling Repair Hartford is a leading company in the market of installation and repair of climatic equipment. Our employees are certified specialists who work only with proven professional equipment. The long-term cooperation with many manufacturers allows us to supply original parts in the shortest possible time.