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HVAC Repair

Heating and Cooling Repair Hartford is a leading company in the market of installation and repair of climatic equipment. Our employees are certified specialists who work only with professional equipment.

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HVAC Maintenance

The operation of the HVAC system must be constantly regulated and monitored. The specialists of our company have vast experience in the maintenance and repair of HVAC systems.

Our offer

Repair and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems is not an easy task and you should only trust it to real professionals. Our company offers repair and maintenance of any complexity with the preparation of all accompanying documentation, and most importantly, all work will be performed in accordance with this documentation.

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Several stages of repair

  • preliminary inspection;
  • diagnostics, analysis and assessment of the performance of units and parts, as well as the system as a whole;
  • repair work, replacement of units and aggregators, if necessary;
  • commissioning – re-testing of performance after repair / restoration.
  • Repair of ventilation systems can be performed with or without dismantling, regardless of the complexity of the breakdown. Sometimes a partial dismantling is enough to eliminate all malfunctions.