Install Thermostat

Install Thermostat

Install Thermostat

A room thermostat is a technical piece of equipment that regulates the temperature in a room by transmitting a signal to a boiler or other heat transfer equipment. It can also be one of the links in the chain when installing control automation. The work of the room thermostat is to measure the required room temperature and give a signal to supply heat to the system for heating. Room thermostats can be wired or wireless. The second greatly facilitate installation, due to the lack of wiring. Thanks to the room thermostat, you can control the operation of the boiler, making it as economical as possible.

There are usually no special difficulties during installation, but it is important to follow the instructions for use and installation of the device. Our specialists will be able to install a controller or a room thermostat quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices.

Install Thermostat

Purpose of room thermostats

Room thermostats are designed to control the room temperature. Thermostats are installed directly in the room and measure the actual air temperature in it. This enables precise temperature control.

Installing a thermostat increases the comfort of the room. Thermostats allow you to quickly change the air temperature to a set level. Temperature control plays an important role in ensuring a cozy home. Modern thermostats are programmable, which allows you to set different operating modes of the heating system at different times of the day or on different days of the week.

The use of room thermostats can significantly reduce heating costs due to more accurate temperature control and through the use of different heating schedules.

In the absence of room thermostats, temperature control is carried out by setting and maintaining the required temperature of the coolant in the heating system. However, the air temperature in the room is influenced not only by the temperature of the heating equipment, but by the outside air temperature, the presence and strength of wind and other factors. Room thermostats allow much more precise regulation.

The principle of operation and options for connecting room thermostats

The principle of operation of modern room thermostats is quite simple. The user sets on the thermostat the value of the required room temperature and the maximum possible deviation. The thermostat measures the air temperature and compares it with the limit values. If necessary, gives a command to turn on or off the heating equipment.

Thermostats can control the operation of gas and electric heating boilers, the operation of other heating equipment. Thermal equipment can be controlled either by turning the device on and off, or through a special channel for controlling the operating modes of the heating equipment.

When connecting a room thermostat to a gas heating boiler, as a rule, a special pair of control contacts of the boiler itself is used. Thermostats allow you to control the operation of almost any heating boiler.

The thermostats can be divided into the following groups depending on the data transmission method:

  • wired thermostats;
  • wireless thermostats.

Wired room thermostats are simpler and cheaper.

Wireless room thermostats consist of two units: the thermostat itself and the receiver. The thermostat is installed directly in the room, and the receiving device is located near the heating boiler or heat distribution unit. The transfer of information between the blocks is carried out via a radio channel.

On the market today there is a fairly large range of thermostats for heating boilers and other heating equipment, thermostats allow you to solve a variety of tasks. When choosing a room thermostat, first of all, you need to focus on the functionality of the device, the possibility of its installation, the reliability of the supplier.