Repair Ducts & Vents


Repair Ducts & Vents

Any equipment and any engineering system need preventive maintenance and service. That is why it is better to draw up schedules for preventive maintenance of equipment. Schedules are drawn up on the basis of regulations governing the maintenance of each type of equipment. Inspection, revision, cleaning, parts replacement and other preventive maintenance are performed according to these schedules. Prevention allows you to extend the safe operation of the equipment.

Our company has extensive experience in the repair of ventilation systems. We repair ventilation and climatic equipment both at the customer’s place and in our own workshops. For this we have the necessary materials and technical base.

If you need ducts and vents overhaul and its adjustment – please contact us!


Why ventilation fails

Reasons why ventilation fails. Our experience shows that breakdowns often occur due to three main reasons:

  •   poor quality installation,
  • errors in operation,
  • neglect of maintenance.

Periodic and high-quality maintenance strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations avoids most emergencies. That is why we pay so much attention to ventilation maintenance work.

Why do we recommend calling a repair technician at the first sign of ventilation failure? The fact is that we often had to deal with situations of aggravation of the situation directly by the customer (or the customer’s maintenance service), who, noticing the malfunction, decided to fix everything himself. As a result, self-repair of ventilation led to even greater damage. That is why we recommend that you immediately call equipment repair specialists, and not engage in self-repair. Trust our experience – you will save money.

To identify defective elements of the system and determine the cost and duration of repairs, equipment diagnostics are performed. Based on its results, an act of malfunctions is drawn up. Further, based on the received data , repairs are carried out. It should be noted that a number of modern intelligent equipment has built-in self-diagnostic functions with an indication of the error code, therefore, decoding is required according to the repair instructions from the manufacturer. Accordingly, it is imperative that diagnostics and repairs of the equipment carry out by a qualified specialist. The fact is that modern equipment uses high-tech and intelligent solutions, and even elementary actions (for example, access to the service menu of the controller, error analysis, access to the internal parts of the system of elements, etc.) require special skills and training. That is why the staff of Heating and Cooling Repair Hartford undergoes regular training both of a general nature and according to programs of specific manufacturers.

Correct ventilation repair

Like any service company, we believe that disease is always easier to prevent than to cure. Modern ventilation and climatic equipment from leading manufacturers have a high efficiency and a degree of reliability. The main thing is correct installation and proper operation. If you need a scheduled or urgent repair of ventilation and ducts in Hartford, the specialists of the company are always at your service!

Heating and Cooling Repair Hartford team professionally perform almost all types of installation, diagnostics, maintenance and overhaul of ventilation and climatic equipment in any buildings and structures. You can also order services such as:

  • design of ventilation and ducts systems;
  • preparation of design and estimate documentation;
  • current configuration of the building.

We are ready to diagnose your equipment and repair it, including, if necessary, its dismantling and subsequent installation.

To carry out all the necessary work, we have  certified employees, the necessary material and technical base. This allows us to quickly respond to incoming applications, quickly and efficiently perform the necessary work.

What does ventilation repair include?

First of all, this is the elimination of malfunctions or the advance adjustment of the system, moreover, both during the warranty operational periods of service, and after their end. Also, these are preventive measures, which implies ventilation maintenance and which are clearly regulated by this program. This program includes such items as: diagnostics of the entire system; cleaning equipment; control of means of automatic operation of centralized ventilation and other air conditioning systems and replacement of the air space of premises. In addition to this, maintenance of ventilation systems includes additional points that are stipulated in the contract or application. It can be adjusting actions and preventive workload, monitoring, running mechanisms and software processes. In other words, all the necessary measures, the purpose of which is to ensure trouble-free and uninterrupted operation of ventilation systems.