Repair Heating System

Repair Heating System

Heating system Repair

Repair of heating, like other engineering devices and communications, sooner or later have to be carried out. If carried out correctly, the owners will not have to spend a lot of financial resources, time and spoil the home interior. Trust our engineers and you will never have problems. However, you need to know a few basic rules and take into account many nuances.

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Repair Heating System

Types of repair work

There are three main categories of heating system repairs.

Emergency. The goal is to restore the functionality of the heating system after, as you might guess, an accident: a burst of a riser, a detachment of the radiator supply, defrosting of the entrance heating.

Current. Here we are talking about identifying and eliminating minor malfunctions, routinely checking the operability of shut-off valves, revising and replacing them. Some of the minor faults are detected by the tenants of the apartments, some during the preparation of the heating system for the heating season.

Please note: the main part of the current work on the preparation of heating equipment is carried out in the summer, after the end of flushing and stopping the circulation. Overhaul involves full or partial replacement of heating equipment. This may include both dismantling all pipes and replacing them with metal-plastic ones, or simply replacing.

Overhaul involves full or partial replacement of heating equipment. This may include both dismantling all pipes and replacing them with metal-plastic ones, or simply replacing some elements  that have expired.

Features of overhaul and current works

The scope of repair work is determined depending on the scale of the problem. In case of massive damage, a large-scale overhaul is required with the replacement of damaged system elements. With minor troubles, you can get by with the repair of the problem area. The specifics of work for a private house and apartment also differ. In the first version, the entire heating system is at the complete disposal of the owner of the house and can be installed as needed. And in the second, you need to consult with the utilities that control the heating of the whole house.

In the apartment

Capital work in an apartment has its own specifics. First of all, it is connected with the fact that the heating in the apartment is part of the system, and interference with it can lead to changes in the whole house. First, you need to notify the utilities responsible for heating the house.  Further, there is a discussion of possible options and the choice of the appropriate one, taking into account the possible consequences. At the same time, independent overlap of risers, except in cases of breakthrough, is strictly prohibited.

In a private house

In case of minor malfunctions, it is possible to replace units: fittings, pipes, pump and others. If the replacement of a part of the line is not possible, for example, it is walled up under the finish, you can apply a tire without breaking the entire wall or make a cut in a piece of pipe using press fittings. They allow to securely fix pipes without the use of welding or soldering.

Depending on the circumstances, the overhaul of heating in a private house can be of two types.

 Spontaneous- associated with emergency breakdown. In this case, a massive repair of heating elements or a complete replacement of the entire system can be carried out. Often this is due to haste, when the problem occurs either before the very heating season, or directly during it. To avoid such situations, regular preventive inspection of all elements of the system is required.

Scheduled – replacement of an old system or replacement with a more efficient one. In this case, a plan is drawn up, the most suitable parts and materials are purchased. At the same time, the timing of the work can be stretched, and it is better to start at the end of the heating season.