Repair Thermostat


Repair Thermostat

Efficient heating management is a vital part of the operation of a boiler and home heating system. Proper use of controls will reduce the consumption of energy, while creating a comfortable temperature in every room of the house, avoiding overheating of the premises. The thermostat controls the operation of the boiler depending on the temperature in the room.

Up to 20% of the volume of consumed energy can be saved by using this kind of automation. And the prices for energy consumers are quite high and every normal person wants to reduce his expenses. If you noticed that the temperature in the room is low or it is becoming hotter, it means you have problem with thermostat operation. You just need to call our masters, and they will promptly detect and fix the problem.

Repair Thermostat

The principle of operation of the thermostat

Essentially, a thermostat is a temperature sensor that provides a signal to the system. This produces heat energy to the desired temperature. With the help of this part of complex gas equipment, the temperature in the building is constantly maintained at a certain level and the boiler is turned on and off when the desired indicators are reached.

Thermostats are of the following types: electronic and mechanical. Mechanical types allow you to customize their work with a handle. The electronic version of the thermostat is triggered electronically, and sometimes has a remote control.

Such thermostats are very convenient and help to significantly save money on heating. Thanks to this part of the gas boiler, when the room temperature rises, the system reduces the frequency of switching on, which significantly saves gas consumption. Also, the ambient temperature can affect the inclusion of gas equipment. This is especially noticeable in the spring.

Thermostat failure

The reason for the failure of the electronic thermostat can be a frequent power outage. In suburban private houses, where the electricity supply is not stable, it is better to use a mechanical thermostat. Or put an uninterruptible power supply device that can compensate for frequent blackouts. This can extend the life of the thermostat without replacing it.

Another reason for the malfunctioning of the thermostat may be mechanical damage or the ingress of dirt and grease into this part of the gas equipment. In such cases, the repair consists in a complete replacement of the thermostat. It can be replaced only with the help of a specialist. Repair of gas boilers here will help solve this issue.

A specialist will make an accurate diagnosis of the equipment and check the operation of the boiler on site. But this requires special knowledge about the principles of operation of gas equipment. If the thermostat is installed incorrectly, then this will not solve the problem. It may be misconfigured, which will not allow the entire system to work in the desired mode. Therefore, with such a breakdown, an appeal to specialists is quite justified.

In addition to the water heater, it is recommended to equip the heating system with various useful automatics with sensors. One of these devices is a room thermostat, which greatly simplifies the control of equipment for heating the coolant. This thermostat helps to significantly reduce fuel costs and maintains the comfortable air temperature in the house.